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D.O. Smith

Welcome to D.O. Smith, we are a product design and development workshop located in Los Angeles California. We have been in business since the first design and development of the first double test plug for plumbers which was made in 1939. Since then we have grown and expanded our services to include Computer numerical controlled product development (CNC), and have also built a factory to be able to create molds to work with metal materials which include Aluminium, Brass, and Cast-Iron. With both our CNC and foundry manufacturing we can design almost any product from the beginning stages to final product development.

D.O. Smith is a full-service workshop build to manufacture products and accessories for most industries out in the market today. From bikes to jets, we can produce most parts and components for just about any market. Including cast iron cookware which is made to last for many years.

We also have our own engineers and machinist with years of experience who have designed and built many products. D.O. Smith is also open to inventors and entrepreneurs who want to take their ideas even further, and final stages of development. We are here to create opportunity, and help both small and big business design and develop products for commercial, private, and government institutions.